American Skulls

Because our work is kustom, pricing will vary according to kustom films, paints, and required prep work on all pieces. 

Not all color selections will be compatible with pattern selection. We will contact you with any concerns regarding your order. On most orders, we require two weeks of lead time, which does not include time allowed for shipping. 

All orders require a 50% deposit.

Wood Grain/Battleworn Gold Cerakote



Full AR (Barrel, charging handle, 1 rail, buffer tube, stock, handguard, grip, 1 magazine, upper and lower): $500

Lower, upper, and handguard start at $280

Lower: 125

Upper: 125

Handguard: 60

Barrel: 60

Grip: 40

Magazine: 40

Stock: 70



Full Handgun: $250

Slide starts at $125

Frame starts at $125

We the People

Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Blades

Multicam Black

Carbon with yellow and green candy coats

Old School 2 and ZombieCom

Purple Space Nebula


Shotgun and Rifle Stocks

Prices start at $150

Bring us your hard hat!

Prices start at $65

Full Face Helmets

Prices start at $150

Game Console Controllers

Prices start at $50 per controller


Plastic, glass, wood, carbon fiber, metal, and fabric.

Our prices reflect the size and complexity of each piece, required paint prep, materials and labor. Additional fees may apply.

To request a quote, contact us here. For paint and clear coat information, prices are here.




KUIU Verde 2.0

Animal Skulls

Large Skulls start at $150

Small Skulls start at $100

Kryptek Yeti

Bug Deflector and Matching Wind Deflectors

Prices start at $300

We now offer custom paint. Contact us here with your project for a free quote.

Gold Skull Paisley

Valve Covers

Prices start at $100

On all our products, we use a clear coat that can withstand high heat and chemicals.


Dash Kits

Prices start at $350

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