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about us


HYDROGRAPHICS, also known as water transfer printing or hydrodipping, is a method of applying printed designs to three-dimensional surfaces. The designs we can apply are virtually endless: camos, skulls, carbon fibers, paisleys, flames, clowns, you name it. Each piece is hand painted and hand dipped. We put a clear coat on all our projects. We can apply hydrographics to plastic, fabric, metal, glass or hard woods.


Our process is unlike most conventional painting processes. With each project we begin by prepping it for paint to ensure that the paint adheres properly and that there are no contaminants. This usually involves sandblasting and stripping previous coatings. We paint and dip each piece, usually with a pattern-specific base coat or to the customer’s specifications. 

Our process involves using a design printed on PVA (polyvinyl alcohol), which is water-soluble film. We lay the PVA on the water, activate it, submerge each piece through the PVA, and rinse the residual PVA off the piece. 

Finally, we clear coat each piece with one of our three clear coat options to seal in the design to ensure that the design won't fade or chip easily over time.

We very carefully plan how we approach each project so that you receive the most vibrant, clear and consisent finished product possible.


From our paint to our clear coat, we strive to use the highest quality materials and methods to make your project last.


Prior to hydrodipping, we prime and paint each piece.
There are hundreds of colors available to truly
customize your project. Some patterns are
base coat specific. 

Standard Paint Options (No Extra Charge):

Custom colors are available for $15.00

Decal Options (Starting at $7.00/pc.)
Full color logo

Don't need hydrographics? 
We offer custom paint services.


Just as there are hundreds of paint options, there are even 
more pattern options. Options include but aren't limited to
flags, skulls, paisleys, flames, lace and carbon fiber
We offer a wide variety of camos, such as: Multicam, Kryptek, 
and Mossy Oak

For an online catalog of most of the patterns we offer, check
out bigbrainfilm.com. For other pattern options, we can help
you find the perfect design for your project.

Custom films are available upon request for an extra fee.


   UV Protection
   Flex Agent

   UV Protection
   Durable and Longlasting

High Impact Gloss (Extra Charge)
   UV Protection
   6H Hardness, comparable to Cerakote

Additions ($5.00+):
Grit (Texture)
Candy Coat (Black, Yellow, Blue, Green, Red)
Ask about our other candy coat options!